Aiden Foreman

Aiden Foreman

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Aiden Foreman

Alright, here is my character proposal for Aiden. He's a character I'm using currently on another RP and I wonder how he'll fit in here. ;)

Quick information:

First Name: Aiden
Middle Name: exists, but is never mentioned. Is said to be of Gallifreyan origin.
Last Name: Foreman, after his mother's.

Looks and genetics:
Haircolour: Brown. Used to be blonde when he was little, but darkened over time.
Eyecolour: Hazel
Height: 5'9'' (175cm)

Aiden is a Hybrid. As the son of a Human-Sapientes mother and an alternate universe Master, he is partly Gallifreyan. In numbers and allowing some crossover to happen, he'd approximately be 37% Human, 50% Gallifreyan (from the father) and 13% Sapientes (a telepathic, patriarchic, pacifist Humanoid species). As the mother of his mother is completely human, the mitochondria he has are also of very human origin. As Aiden is a very healthy bloke and never seemed to have any problems with his cellular metabolism, signalling and other cellular things the mitochondria are linked with, it is safe to say that his internal biochemistry and biology closely resembles that of Humans. This means he has only one heart and an average internal body temperature of about 37°C. However, he's still half Gallifreyan and thus any protein that is able to do it's job at this temperature, will try to perform it. This results into Aiden having a longer lifespan and actually ages slower than regular Humans do. His father's DNA also results in him having a brain that is slightly larger than that of Humans. In an ep called 'The Brain of Mobius' it's said that brains of Time Lords are bigger than those of humans. As Time Lords don't seem to have bigger skulls, chances are the brain's shape differs in some ways. For example, it could be that the stem is located lower so that the space in between can be filled up with even more white and gray matter. However, a more Time Lordish brain combined with a Sapientes/Human skull means Aiden suffers from a higher pressure on his eyes. This results in Aiden needing to wear glasses to see properly. Other than that, he's got a fast mind and fast legs and only needs 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night to feel completely refreshed. Other things inherited from father are a slightly better smell, taste and hearing (SLIGHTLY, so not to some superhero proportion), an extra pair of (shorter) floating ribs and skin that's more durable and damage resistant than a Human's (but less so than of a Time Lord). Thanks to his father, his blood has some regenerative properties. He can heal faster than a Human, but is unable to regenerate. Because of both his parents' gifts, he's is somewhat telepathic. He also, like his father, practises some form of hypnosis. Aiden's allergic to aspirin.

Conceived in Cardiff 1982, Aiden was born November 5th 2011 after a 10 month pregnancy (timey-wimey). Even though his father had had doubts about the pregnancy, pride quickly took over when Aiden was finally born. The Master of his native universe took it upon himself to teach his son 'everything he'd need to be succesful', which apparently also included making his baby boy part of some of his plans. Aiden, being a good and eager little man, always loved the attention he'd get for helping his Daddy, much to his Mother's frustration. But growing up in such a warped reality did take it's toll on the young boy and it took him years to understand how much different his sense of morality was to that of an average human being.

Because of the things he experienced as a child, Aiden strongly believes the end justifies the means. He's an opportunist who thinks nothing of using other people's money, gifts, talents and attributes to get what he wants. However, he's not exactly a greedy guy and is actually very able to form meaninful friendships. Aiden knows exactly what he wants most of the time and will focuss on one opportunity at a time.

At home this 21 year old looking 35 year old is mostly a silent force, always working on a new project in his room unless there's dinner or trouble. He's very protective of family and friends and frequently stalks them in his own little way when he believes something to be off. He seems to be the only guy in the house to know his father's full agenda and happily uses the information to his advantage. Of course the opposite is also true.

Aiden has 2 biological siblings, being Yara (September 29th, 2027) and Darion (December 13th, 2043). He also has 4 adoptive siblings in Catkind kittens Hubert, Victoria, Percival and Britney (all born some time in February 2043). He's very fond of females, but there are actually only few he truly respects.

Key Relationships (all are versions of his native universe)
- Dad/ AU Master: partner in crime / rival / only one to read the Master's facial expressions and body language faster than even the Doctor or Adrianna (= mum)
The relationship Aiden has with his father is both a complex and a simple one. When he was still a child, his father was his hero and primary example. Where Daddy was, Aiden wanted to be. This changed when he got old enough to understand even fathers can fail, but he still respected his father and was very willing to work with or for him. At the age of 17, he finally learned of his father's adultery and saw much of his remaining image of him crumble. This eventually even escalated into a war between father and son that was only ended after the joined intervention of the Doctor and Naoki. He was able to come to terms with what had happened and started to work with his father again, vowing he will never be taken by surprise by this man ever again.
- Mum: her protector
If Aiden would only have one weakness, it would be his mother. As she has always been his primary caregiver, Aiden has a very strong bond with her and would never allow anyone to hurt her. Aiden gets very protective and even violent if he even just suspects something.
- Yara: her protector/supervisor
He is also very protective of his younger siblings. When Yara was seeing an older guy in secret, Aiden went through lengths to shadow her and the fellow. When he was sure the bloke was up to no good, the news went straight to the parents. Aiden does allow boys with good intentions to come near his sister, but promises every single one of them that he'll kill them if they try anything funny... and that is father will do worse if he'd ever hear of it.
- Darion: his protector/supervisor/disciplinor
Darion is the youngest sibling and the one feeling the most entitled. Aiden takes it upon himself to tell his little brother no at any given opportunity. Unless the little bugger actually has a fair demand of course.
- Naoki: best friends
Naoki, being 17 at that time, met a 16 year old Aiden when he, his mum and the Doctor (AU) got sucked through an artificially created rift that shifted their beings into a different dimension, namely one that was apparently also housing the Lost Lands of the Fairies. Naoki, a Japanese bloke, had been sucked into this very world months before and was forcefully made part of it by another entity. Now partly 'demon', Naoki wished to shape the world he was trust into to his own liking, but in the end helped the Doctor rebalance it. Naoki and Aiden became very close friends during their time together. They both felt different, loved video games and strange things and recognised eachother's need for power. Naoki still lives in the other world, but frequently gets summoned by Aiden or has his friend summon him. He sees Aiden's family as part of his own and is also very willing to fight to protect them. Naoki can shift between his 'demonic' look and his human look, but prefers his demon one. When on a different world, his demonic self looks like the image the native population has of 'demons', but he will always have a horn on the back of his neck. Naoki is, just as Aiden, not afraid of any blood. The big difference is that his outbursts, when they finally happen, are a least 10 times more aggressive than Aiden's. Naoki is based of the main character of SMT Nocturne.
- 'Uncle' Thete/ AU Doctor: respect eachother
Aiden sees the Doctor as some sort of Uncle and has great respect for him.
- Alina: suitor
Aiden has shown interest in the oldest daughter of a family adept in linguistic-science. Well, more interest than he has for his usual flings at least.
- Britney: adoptive brother
Before Britney became a Catkind kitten, she was Aiden's regular domestic Burmilla kitten that went by the name of Nameless. When all kittens in the home got turned Catkind, he renamed his new sister personally. Aiden is not so close with the Catkind as he is with Yara or Darion, but still shares a very special bond with Britney.
-Victoria, Hubert and Percival: adoptive brother
Like Britney, the 3 other Catkind kittens used to be just regular domestic kittens.
- (AU) UNIT: technical advisor and extraterrestrial consultant, just not completely trusted
Like his dad, he "works" for/with UNIT, though usually tries to get profit out of UNIT instead.
- William Brown: respect eachother
William Brown is a UNIT officer charged with keeping a close eye on the Master and his family. He is a relaxed guy that is actually willing to cover for or help the Master when needed instead of the kind that would rat him out right away. However, William does this because he likes the family, not for any possible personal gain, and will put his foot down or get more strict when he feels things are getting out of hand. He has a good relationship with most family members. In another AU, William would have been Adrianna's (Aiden's mother) fiancee instead of the Master, but nobody knows of this other than the Master himself.
- Jack Harkness: mutual distrust
Aiden doesn't like Jack and Jack doesn't like Aiden. It's something they can't quite explain, but both agree it has something to do with Aiden's dad. They are able to work together if they really have to, but they prefer not to.
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