I'm Moving :-D!

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I'm Moving :-D!

Postby systemcat » Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:48 pm

The vacation I just took wasn't entirely for fun, a little of it was meant for apartment hunting in Houston.

Where I am right now and reason why my profile has yet to reflect this is because Norfolk sucks! No not Norfolk VA., I have no idea what that place is like. I'm referring to Norfolk, NE., I only ended up in this town because while homeless at one point services didn't know what to do with me and this town has a Mission. I won't say why I hate this town because some one reading this might get very upset at what I have to say. To one person offline when I once tried to sum this up without offending at all I said, "Have you ever seen "Cars"?" They said no but wanted to know what that had to do with Norfolk. If I'm remembering the line from the movie right, at one point Lighting McQueen says some thing to the effect of "I can't stay here any longer! I can feel my IQ dropping by the second!"

I've known for months moving out of this town had to happen soon, but when has been pushed up. The why to that is not some thing I'd like to openly post about. But I have found a new place to live and the move starts on the 3rd of next month :glasses7:.

Erin :cat:
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