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Update Please

Postby Bexter » Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:26 am

Ok so here is what I know about Buck Rogers (hope this is right area to post so move if necessary)

I used to watch it with i was a kid, I remember - Buck of course (had the hots for him EVEN THEN) a little robot thing that went Biddi Biddi Biddi or such like. A women with a plunging neckline. A cool apartment, with a table that popped out at a press of button (really wanted one of those) One ep where a scientist guy (regular i think) was trying to analyse what a hair dryer was. One ep where they went and saw survivors of some big war and there was a guy who you could see through part of his face (really freaked me out cause i was just a kid) and also the ep where he arrives back home thinking he's talking to NASA and he's getting all antsy cause the people don't know who he is, probably the pilot episode.

So updates please, has there been a new series? How many series did the orginial run for and what years did it run. Any other info would be greatly appreciated. From way back I loved everything sci-fi and i probably didn't miss an episoe of the original series of what was shown here, but chances are we didn't get much, and probably years after it was original screen in the US.

Obviously the people who post here love the show, so knock yoursleves out!! Tell me everything you've been wanting to rave about for years. I'm listening!!!!
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Postby systemcat » Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:02 pm

This isn't a new series, it's a virtual series, fan fic, I wish it were a real show.

Since the second version of the TV show went off air ( the version every body is familiar with ). Buck Rogers has been given novels and games over the course of the 80's and 90's. An amount of other fan fic, has been written for it around the internet a little of which can be found in this forum. The Buck Rogers in the 26th Century series has been being worked on since about mid-March last year. It started on a script site boasting pro and fan stories. By the time the third episode had been written I'd created the website and those first there episodes became the start of the site. Ever since then I've been trying to put out one or two episodes a month with the help of Mariet a.k.a. Hawkfan. Some times the episodes come out faster ( it all has to do with how much time I have ).

The show ran from '79 into '81 and got two seasons. It was developed into a show by the same producers that created the original BSG. Those episodes you remember are, Awakening and The Plot to Kill a City. The man with the hairdryer was only in one episode. Strangely enough I've forgotten which episode but I can always check the DVDs. Why I say strangely is more then once I've brought up the idea the Defense Directorate having an archives area and that only came up in *two episodes. ( *25th Century series )

As for talking about the 25th Century series, that can be talked about in the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century part of the forum :).

Erin :cat:
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