Legends: Back Story, Information, and Rules

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Legends: Back Story, Information, and Rules

Postby systemcat » Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:05 pm

Legends background story:

The myths that have been told for thousands of years through mouth and books, are said to only be what they appear to be on their name sack. Only myths. But this isn't true, for myths have to come from some where, such creatures of amazing beauty and terror, warriors of courage & strength that fought to protect their worlds from dark forces that the likes of which man can only dream in fear exist. Worlds different from ours but that still hold many things we know and love, known things that inspire and other things that must always be taken to with caution. These worlds of myth are real, and so shouldn't be called mire myths in our world, but Legends.

When those with power saw or at least thought they saw that the world of man could never live with what they saw as their worlds with an order that defied what man could ever accept. They closed the doors that lead to their ordered chaos as man saw it. Other dimensions that continued to live on and develop into places much like what we now know and our world here is no more safer than those hidden worlds.

It is time for those other dimensions, those worlds hidden to us to share the light of our sun again with all their wonders. But are we ready for this? Those from the hidden worlds never forgot ours was real and never began to believe us to only be myths. In our world, while we've believed these myths to be nothing more than fantastic fantasies. The some of us that have always wanted to believe these myths are fact have found science that when used can open those long closed doors to the worlds beyond ours. To the ones in the hidden worlds, magic can be just as powerful as science and with the discovery of books containing the spells used by the powerful witches & wizards that long ago hid away our world from their's. Doors are being opened .....



Creatures: Every fantasy creature not listed above and ones that players can make up for the game. However, every creature made up for the game must be given characteristics and limits upon creation in the game that can not be changed later on by other players or the player that created them.


Earth: Our world.

OuterWorld: The only world beyond Earth where life has it's best chance to survive, and is too welcoming in it's environment to new visitors, but not all it's visitors are friendly as this world has interactions often with it's sister world of Darkmist.

Darkmist: A world that never has a day or night time but lives forever in a misty mix of twilight & dawn. Almost every thing that lives within it is some form of carnivorous beast and only the Demon race is truly welcome here. This world often interacts with it's sister world of Outerworld but once in a while it's beasts find ways of opening the door to Earth if however briefly, and go there.

Interworld: A world unseen by all, but it watches over all it's sister worlds, it's "children worlds" of Earth, Outerworld, and Darkmist. It's watchers are the makers of magic, the true controllers of the doors to all worlds. They claim not to be gods & goddesses but they did form every world at it's birth and blessed them with what turned into life. But they do nothing now but advise the creatures of their worlds what they should do next. But this rarely happens, they do not do this to be helpful or scornful. They do it for their own amusement. For while they the makers of all that we know, they no longer have even the power to make a rock, let alone touch one. They're power, their true power only existed at the beginning of time.


The game does not have a normal stat system for the characters. This game is based on every player takes a turn writing in a new part to the RGP.

Only an established player can write a new player's character into the game after the new player has asked to permission to join and has given full details to what their character is like and a background story if needed. A player's character can only lose if they're killed off, characters once dead can not come back into the game. Death happens when the 30 stat points given to the character from the beginning of it's play in the game are exhausted. Points are lost two at a time and by failed battles.

You can gain protection through a shield if you have one. There are two types of shields, gold and silver. A gold shield will fully protect you for three fights before it can only be used once more and that last time will only protect one point from being lost in a battle and then it becomes useless. A silver shield will fully protect you for two fights and after that, same as the gold shield it will only protect one point from being lost in a battle and then it becomes useless.

A player can only own one shield at a time.

No two characters can be the same.


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