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Cut scenes

Postby systemcat » Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:37 am

Was talking with grayladyfalcon in the Star-Port earlier this evening and a kind of what if thing was brought up. Almost every story done so far has had scenes I thought up but never used for one reason or another. So if you've ever wondering what other way a story could have gone in episodes 1-13 here's the info.

Episode one: Buck is put to sleep the same way only it's the Draconens that want him woken up.

Admiral Asimov presents Twiki to Buck. Felt a more classic character should present Twiki, so that's why it fell back to Huer. But to still ref season two of the 25th. That's why Twiki is a "Crichton" series ambuquad.

When it came to the line up of pilots I really wanted to write in a character Buck would become friends with fast. At first it was another person from the 21st century like Buck but then I thought "Then why would Buck stand out to Ardala". Then I remembered Hawk but quickly thought better of that. I felt Hawk needed a much better intro then being in a line of pilots. Then I remembered Hieronymous Fox, this brought back the idea of another pilot from the 21st century. But then I thought among many character changes to make that character born in the 25th century.

When Ardala talks with Wilma about the holographic training simulators, she at first was going to say a full explanation as to how they work. This was cut cause I felt it would have had the scene drag on too much and it didn't seem to fully fit.

Buck punching Fox.

Near the end either Buck or Fox would have died but with very good reason I felt it would have been a very bad idea.

Episode five: When Wilma is with Fonthin; at one point Fonthin was going to show Wilma around her house and show the Saurians idea of a photo album of old sheded shins hanging on the wall.

Episode six: Twiki in gold having a hard time moving around.

Episode seven: The battle in the beginning was going to be cut.

Episode eight: The dead Loumis being ejected into space and destroyed by the red mass.

Episode nine: Kaleel killing himself in the shuttle.

I felt I really needed to write a lead-in for episode ten which was not there at first.

Episode ten: Ten could have ended three different ways on Buck dealing with The League of Assassins.

The Psychiatric Reimageing Center wasn't part of the original story idea.

Episode twelve: Kept it's plot but almost the whole rest of the story was changed.

Erin :cat:
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Postby ladyfreebird » Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:01 pm

Thanks for posting that Erin. [ok] Now I know how each one of those episodes might have gone.

graylady :articuno:
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Postby Hawkfan » Sat Dec 30, 2006 8:07 am

Some nice ideas there, Erin!

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