Companion Proposal

Companion Proposal

Postby Semian2 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:34 pm

Hi There!
I'm new here, if you can't already tell from my lack of any customization of my profile/signature/avi.
I have a Companion proposal though, just jumping right in if that's okay. :)
Thought we needed a male companion too, also from the future ;)

Name: Jonathan Aranda
Age: 29
History: Jonathan was born on Sirius IV in the late 26th Century (aha? see what I did there? :P) around 2585. He lived there for most of his early life, until he was about 15, when he hitched a ride on a freighter going to Earth. The freighter was hijacked by pirates and he was taken aboard their vessel as a prisoner. He was not killed by the pirates, but, as he was young, was taught their ways, and began working for them. After traveling with them until he was 23, he was able to buy his own ship and start his own career as a smuggler for various clients. During one of his smuggling runs he came across a time agent's wristband and, after figuring out how to use it, began hopping through time.
Description: About 6' tall with spiked brown hair, sort of like 10's but even more spiked. Scruffy face, often bearded.

I can give a RP sample if'n you need one. :)
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