An Interview With Anne Lockhart

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An Interview With Anne Lockhart

Postby systemcat » Mon May 19, 2008 1:08 am

During Starfest '08 while attending Anne Lockhart's Q & A session, I asked a question she answered that I didn't thank her for ..I should have. Later on the chance to thank her did come, we talked and I asked her if she'd do an interview for the site. She said to contact her site's webmaster over the subject. :cool:

1: The first film role you played "T is For
Tumbleweed" do you remember how you felt when taking
on the role and playing it? Were you coached by your
parents due to your young age?

I vividly remember shooting 'T IS FOR TUMBLEWEED'
Although I was only 4 years old, I have clear memories
of our shoots. (I've always been blessed with a long
and detailed memory!) My mother and I took more than
one trip by train to New Mexico to shoot this film.
The cinematographer was Haskell Wexler; producer was
James Lebenthal. Both of whom I am still in occasional
contact with.

As far as playing the little girl in the film, I
simply played 'pretend', which I did ALL the time. I
was shown a screening of 'The Red Balloon' before we
went into production, and I remember thinking that
this was very much the same story.

I remember shooting in the very cold and windy NM
weather, and my mom dyeing a pair of white dancer's
tights with coffee to approximate skin color on my
little legs. It was still freezing!

I have more specific memories of people I met and
moments. But I do especially remember loving the

2: What was it like to work with Glen A. Larson?

I first worked for Glen in an episode of 'The Hardy
Boys'. I believe that I worked for him more than any
other single producer during all my years of work. He
was loyal and supportive of my work, kept a roof over
my head for years and is a very kind man. I will
always be grateful for his guiding influence. In the
immediate months after my husband's passing, Glen was
the first person to put me to work on a show he was
shooting in Hawaii. When I told him I was unable to
yet leave my two very young children (3 & 7 yrs. old.),
he basically said "yu won't leave them." and hired me
to work, as well as paying for tickets for my kids; and
a nanny & put us all up in the hotel. I will always
respect Glen as a brilliant and creative producer, but
more importantly, he's got a place in my heart

3: Do you consider taking on Shakespeare roles
challenging or easy in terms of acting combined with
use of language?

I convinced myself for years that only a 'classical'
actress could play Shakespeare. Boy was I wrong! EVERY
role, no matter what it is provides a lovely
challenge. Shakespeare is so much fun, but so are all
the other wonderful gifts I've been given as an

4: There are a number of Quantum Leap fans in this
forum. For Star Light, Star Bright do you have a
favorite or least favorite scene from when working on

Can't tell you about any specific scene. But I can
tell you all, that the whole shooting experience was a
lovely one; and I sure enjoyed the finished episode was
when it aired.

5: For Enchanted which voice was yours?

I did not voice any of the principal roles. The
additional background roles I did are so many I can't
even remember them. My voice is all over that
wonderful film.

6: Of all the parts you've ever voice acted for which
was your favorite? And also least favorite?

My favorite part is the NEXT one! Although I did have
a heck of a good time voicing the monkeys in 'Project
X'. Being a Predator in 'Predator 2' & 'Alien vs
Predator 2' was fun as well. Heck, I've been worms,
sheep, goats, donkeys, fish, rabbits ......... not to
mention re-voicing some really big actresses, but I'm
sworn to secrecy about that! I guess growing up
watching Rich Little on TV taught me much! I also
really had fun for several days on the Jodie Foster,
movie 'Flight Plan'. I was able to use my abilities to
speak several languages and use accents.

7: The coming Disney movie Bolt, could you tell us
what the movie is summed up and what character you
voice acted for it?

Nope .... not allowed contractually to tell you anything
about it as it's still in production. I am once
again, lots of voices. It's very cute.

8: The TV Twilight Zone done a few years back, what
did you think of it compared to it's 1960's
counterpart that spawned it?

I've been a huge and devoted fan of original show since I
was a kid. Didn't see too many of new episodes, but
thought some were fine. Had the opportunity to work
(voice) on a few of the new episodes, much fun.

9: What do you think of fan fiction where characters
you've played are used in it?

Don't really know too much about it as I haven't read
any. But I'm very flattered to have characters I've
played live on in fan fiction.

10: How well does War of the Worlds translate to being
an on stage performance?

'War Of The Worlds' was perfect on stage because we
didn't change anything (except a word or two and some
music) from the original radio script. I produced and
acted in 'War Of The Worlds' as LIVE RADIO THEATER.
Basically, I assembled a cast and production crew and
we duplicated the original radio broadcast (done by
Mercury Players) in front of a live audience with
tape-delayed radio broadcast later that evening .. We
all played our roles as radio actors in front of live
microphones. I dressed all the actors in 1938
wardrobe, produced all sound effects live on stage and
only added a pre-show screening of archive footage
appropriate to the period, accompanied by a piano
player; and a lady singer singing hits from the late
30s-early 40s. The whole thing was very fun and really
worked! We had a full house (400 folks) and they loved
it, the subsequent radio show was a hit too.


Erin :cat:
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Postby ladyfreebird » Mon May 19, 2008 7:11 am

Sounds good Erin. Thanks for posting the interview.

graylady :articuno:
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